Virtual Innovation Platform for UrbanTech

Technology-driven innovations from startup companies are changing the world and continue to push the boundaries of technology in our daily lives.
Our goal is to impact the entire value chain, and create a community of sharing, inclusion & collaboration for growth and financial success between the Corporate and Startup environments.

What we do

AcceleroSpark is a Swiss-based virtual innovation platform and ecosystem, connecting forward-thinking corporations with mature startups in the UrbanTech industry.

Our approach

Our virtual end-to-end innovation platform validates, evaluates, mentors, and prepares startups for exposure to corporate and funding solutions.

Our mission

The goal is to impact the entire value chain, and create a community of sharing, inclusion & collaboration for growth and financial success.

UrbanTech Focus


Smart Buildings
Smart Cities

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Real Estate FinTech


Shared Economy
Circular Economy

Corporate & Venture

AcceleroSpark acts as a catalyst between startups, corporate innovation and investors, where ideas are translated into actions at digital speeds.
Corporates are given access to the result of our qualification process, ready to pick the most promising innovation.

  • Exclusive, constantly evolving Innovation Marketplace
  • Swiss Secure Platform for custom asset deals
  • Tailor-made Startup and Innovation scouting
  • Early access to the result of our qualified selection process

Startup & Scale-up

Time is the scarcest resource for an entrepreneur. A virtual program gives the opportunity to focus on building the business while providing the flexibility to attend the program on your own schedule.

  • Industry experts work with startups through individualized advising/office hours 
  • No equity taken from startup investment deals
  • Tailor-made deep dives to maximize your business potential
  • Access to market through our Corporate Startup Engagement


  • Unique access to funding through investor programs and leading investors



‘Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.’

Henry FORD

An expert in startup culture and entrepreneurship, known as the “Go to guy” in the Swiss entrepreneurial ecosystem. Involved in the Zurich startup scene since 2009, David has been managing events for entrepreneurs such as Startup Grind, Zuripreneur Meetup, Failcon, FintechDay, and mentoring/judging at Mass Challenge, Startup Weekend, Founder Institute. Always connecting founders and investors, advising startups, with a passion to inspire the next big thing.

David Butler

Co-Founder, AcceleroSpark

Project Manager, Environmental and Materials Scientist. 

Polyvalent and curious, Filip has done it all from performing as a techno DJ to publishing in peer-reviewed journals on functional materials and more recently driving innovative projects such as KidsTechWorld and Festival frauenkomponiert.

Filip joined David in developing AcceleroSpark with the goal of bringing sustainability in the startup support sector.

Filip Popescu, M. Sc.

Co-Founder, AcceleroSpark


Anca Banita is a life coach and trainer with the vision of supporting people to live freely and authentically, doing exactly what brings them joy. She is also a social activist and one of the initiators of ”Let`s Do It, Romania!”, the biggest social movement in Romania, who mobilised millions of Romanian to clean up the whole country in just one single day. You can find Anca in one of the courses she is giving on Personal Branding, Emotional Agility or Mental clarity and on her blog,

Anca Banita

Life Coach

An expert in helping people cross the digital divide, succeed in digital transformation and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Anuj has mastered the Art of bringing together deep business understanding and technical know-how, thus endearing to both IT and Business worlds.

A self-confessed gadget guru and gaming enthusiast, a successful mentor who likes to balance work and play.

Anuj Gemawat


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Virtual Accelerator for UrbanTech Innovation